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Our Story

Ready to write down all kinds of plans + things?


Me too. I love putting pen to paper and seeing everything laid out in front of me.

That's probably why I've gone through a planner the past 11 years of my life (and yes, I still have them all!). I love it when a planner gets fully doodled and scribbled in. A finished planner is like a work of art to me. It's how I reflect on past years. I love to look at old planners and see what I was doing at that specific time in my life. 

After using so many different planners and never finding the perfect layout, I decided to create one with a flexible layout that I could use in various ways.

I started by designing a planner template, printing it out, using it for a week, and then changing it until it was exactly what I wanted. From that, Plans+Things was born, and I'm so happy I get to share it with all of you now!




Plans+Things was created by Christie Montague Design.

Christie Montague is a graphic designer/marketer with a business background, so she does more than make things pretty. She works with business go-getters to create kick-ass designs that meet their business goals. Christie specializes in web design including social media graphics, user interface design, presentation and eBook design